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Large oil painting by Konrad Grob

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This charming 19th century oil painting on canvas depicts mountain landscape with a young shepherdess holding a sickle sitting behind a goat. Housed with its period gilt wood frame.

Signed: K. Grob

Frame height: 53"   (134 cm)
Frame Width: 41"    (104 cm) 

Canvas height: 44"  (111 cm) 
Canvas width: 32"   (81 cm)

Konrad Grob ( Swiss, 1828 – 1904) was born in Andelfingen in the and learned lithography in the 1840s in Winterthur. He travelled to Italy, where he worked in Verona and Naples. He later studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Munich, where he opened his own atelier and where he died in 1904.

He had quite some commercial success with romantic paintings of rural life. His best known painting is Pestalozzi bei den Waisen von Stans, shown today in the Offentliche Kunstsammlung (the Museum of Art) of Basel.