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The 19th-century Italian Rococo Style Gilt-Wood Leather-Top Center Table is a testament to opulence and intricate artistry. This hand-carved table exudes the ornate aesthetics typical of the Rococo era, featuring elaborate scrolls and foliage meticulously carved into the gilt wood.

The addition of a leather top complements the table's grandeur, adding both elegance and functionality. The detailed craftsmanship, with its large scrolls and foliage motifs, creates a visually striking piece that captures the essence of Rococo design sensibilities.

The stretcher joining the intricately carved legs further enhances the table's structural integrity while maintaining the overall aesthetic coherence. This table represents the lavishness and craftsmanship characteristic of the Rococo period, making it a remarkable centerpiece that adds sophistication and historical allure to any interior space.

Italy, Circa 1870.

Height: 32" (81cm)
Width: 55" (139cm)

Depth: 38" (96cm)