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A Royal Vienna hand-painted porcelain covered lidded vase, an exquisite testament to the craftsmanship of the renowned Royal Vienna porcelain makers. This meticulously crafted vase is constructed in three pieces, featuring a lid and a second central section resting gracefully on a stepped plinth base supported by three fluted legs, each adorned with claw feet. The cylindrical bowl form adds to the overall elegance and proportions of this exceptional piece.

The porcelain canvas is adorned with two rectangular panels, each set against a rich burgundy background. These panels are exquisitely decorated with hand-painted mythological scenes, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail characteristic of Royal Vienna porcelain. The choice of burgundy as a background color enhances the opulence of the vase, providing a sumptuous backdrop to the intricate narrative scenes.

The mythological depictions, rendered with precision and finesse, transport the viewer into a world of classical tales and allegories. The composition is carefully balanced, and the choice of subject matter reflects the influence of classical art on the aesthetics of the 19th century.

This Royal Vienna covered lidded vase is not merely a decorative object but a testament to the high standards of porcelain craftsmanship during the 19th century. The attention to detail, the classical themes, and the overall design make it a remarkable example of Royal Vienna porcelain artistry, appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs for its beauty and historical significance.

Austria, 19th Century

Marked with Royal Vienna under glazed blue beehive mark.


Height: 21"  (53.3 cm)
Diamater: 8" (20.3 cm)