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'Running Elephant', a bronze by Emile Barye


This 19th Century Bronze "Running Elephant" by Emile Barye is an early cast with an exquisite finish. The elephant with a rich green patina and life like expression. 
Titled: “Elephant Du Senegal” 

Signed: Barye
Also marked: F. Barbedienne 

Height: 2.75" 
Width: 4 .25"
Depth: 1.75"


Emile-Louis Barye (24 September 1796 – 25 June 1875) was a French Sculptor most famous for his work as an animalier, a sculptor of animals.
Born in Paris, Barye began his career as a goldsmith like many sculptors of the Romantic period. He first worked under his father, but around 1810 worked under the sculptor Guillaume-Mertin Biennais, who was a goldsmith to Napoleon. After studying under sculptor Francois-Joseph Bosio in 1816 and painter Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, he was (in 1818) admitted to the Ecole des Beaux Arts.

But it was not until 1823, while working for Fauconnier, the goldsmith, that he discovered his true predilection from watching the animals in the Garden des Plantes, making vigorous studies of them in pencil drawings comparable to those of Delacroix, then modelling them in sculpture on a large or small scale