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18th century French Oil on Canvas, 'Joseph and Potiphar's wife'


A fine 18th century continental oil on canvas "Joseph and Potiphar's wife"
This lovely painting depicts Joseph rebuffing Potiphar's Wife's advances. An act which stripped him of his good job and landed him in prison.

Pharaoh’s captain of the guard Potiphar bought Joseph from the Ishmaelites. When Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph and prospered all that he did, Potiphar appointed him overseer over his house and gave him charge of all that he had, and God blessed Pharaoh’s house for Joseph’s sake. Joseph was handsome, and Potiphar’s wife repeatedly asked him to lie with her, but he declined, asking how he could sin so against Potiphar and God.

One day, when the men of the house were away, she caught him by his garment and asked him to lie with her, but he fled, leaving his garment behind. When Potiphar came home, she accused Joseph of trying to force himself on her, and Potiphar put Joseph in the prison where the king’s prisoners were held.(Genesis 39:16–20)

Circa 1780

Frame height: 57.5"
Frame width: 47"

Canvas height: 52"
Canvas width: 41.5"