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Presenting a large rectangular KPM (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur) porcelain plaque titled 'The Dance Lesson,' esteemed by collectors and dealers as one of the finest and most coveted KPM plaques ever crafted. Created during a period of exceptional porcelain artistry, this magnificent plaque offers a captivating glimpse into a ballroom interior scene.

The finely painted tableau features a fiddler and a young woman engaged in a dance, capturing the elegance and grace of a bygone era. Positioned before a group of fashionable ladies, the scene exudes a sense of sophistication and refined social interaction. The attention to detail is impeccable, with each figure meticulously rendered to convey movement, expression, and the atmosphere of the dance.

Considered a masterpiece among KPM plaques, the composition and execution showcase the unparalleled skill of the porcelain artisans. The porcelain plaque is generously sized, providing a substantial canvas for the intricate depiction of this enchanting ballroom moment.

This plaque not only stands as a testament to the excellence of KPM craftsmanship but also embodies the allure of historical narratives and social scenes. Collectors and dealers hold this piece in high regard, recognizing its status as one of the best and most desirable examples of KPM porcelain ever produced. It represents a harmonious blend of artistic finesse and cultural storytelling within the realm of fine porcelain art.

Germany, 19th Century 

Impressed monogram KPM and sceptre mark, W and 485 290

Width: 30.7"    (76 cm)
Height: 22.7"   (57 cm)

Width: 19"    (48 cm)
Height: 11.3"  (29 cm)