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Large 19th Century 'Day and Night' clock by Victor Paillard


A magnificent 19th Century French Renaissance Revival patinated Bronze mounted carved walnut "Day and Night" mantel clock by Victor Paillard.

The dial with Roman numerals flanked by allegorical figures of Night and Day after Michelangelo.

The movement stamped: Vr. Paillard, Paris. Rodier Paris, Medaille Dor' 1837

Circa 1870


Height: 22"  (56 cm)
Width: 37"   (94 cm) 

Depth: 9"    (22 cm)

Victor Paillard (1805-1886) designed and made various bronze decorative and functional objects including chenets, lighting and clocks. He also cast bronzes for some of the most important sculptors of the day including Barye, Carrier-Belleuse and Pradier.
He opened his first workshop in the 1830's at 105, boulevard Beaumarchais and 6, rue Saint-Claude and by the 1850's was employing around 100 people. His success at numerous international exhibitions including the 1851 Great Exhibition (where he displayed a bronze of the Standing Sappho after Pradier) further enhanced his reputation

Day and Night By MichelangeloThough never finished, the tomb of Giuliano de' Medici in the Medici Chapel is the only one of Michelangelo great architectural-sculptural projects to be realized in a form approaching completion.

Built between 1520 and 1534, it is widely held to be one of Michelangelo's most stunning achievements.
The pose of the central figure on the tomb of Giuliano de' Medici, arms resting at his sides and legs comfortably apart, and its open composition suggest a cheerful duke, generous in both mind and spirit. In fact, the figure holds in his hand several coins, as if an intended gift. Light plays freely on his beautiful face, yet the figure is lacking in energy and seems to wilt under the burden of the Roman armor. Michelangelo did not intend for this sculpture, nor that of Lorenzo, to be a recognizable portrait of the duke, but instead an ideological tribute through its enhanced beauty and dignity.