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Large 19th Century French Aubusson rug


A monumental 19th century French palace size handwoven Aubusson rug. The classical rectangular rug presents with crisp detailing and deep coloration in Beige, Brown, Maroon, and Teal. The central medallion with a floral bouquet within foliate decorated scroll spandrels within a main flowerhead and C-scroll meandering border.

21'6" x 18'4"  (258" x 220")
( 656 cm x 559 cm )

France, Circa 1880

Aubusson had been well-known for producing tapestries for centuries. It is claimed that they were weaving in Aubusson as early as the 8th century but it was not until 1743 when the Kings Council decided to establish a carpet factory in the town that the style we now know as Aubusson came into being.