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This magnificent continental work of art is a sizable antique oil painting on canvas, portraying the iconic biblical narrative of Adam and Eve. Executed with meticulous detail and profound artistic skill, this masterpiece captures the timeless essence of the foundational tale of humanity's origins.

The canvas unfolds before the viewer with a commanding presence, drawing one into the lush and verdant landscape of the Garden of Eden. Towering trees, laden with vibrant foliage, serve as the backdrop for the central figures of Adam and Eve. Their forms are rendered with a striking blend of realism and idealism, imbuing them with a sense of both earthly presence and divine significance.

The painting portrays Eve wit the forbidden fruit in her hand and Satan behind her convincing her to take a bite. 

This large antique oil painting of Adam and Eve stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of biblical storytelling and the transcendent power of art to inspire, provoke, and elevate the human spirit. Its presence in any collection would undoubtedly serve as a focal point for contemplation, reflection, and reverence.

Europe, Circa 1890

Dimensions Sight Height: 70" Width: 59", Framed Height: 77" Width: 65"

Provenance: Cosmopolitan Museum, Wajima City, Japan, purchased in 2019.