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The description illustrates an exceptional 19th-century Italian white marble group titled 'The Wrestlers,' carved after a Greek original from the 3rd century BCE. This impressive sculpture captures a moment of intense physical struggle between two naked men engaged in the Pankration, a rigorous fighting style prevalent in ancient Rome.

One of the wrestlers is depicted overpowering the other, holding his right arm and poised to strike, while the athlete on the ground is striving to lift himself. The intensity and dynamism of the struggle are skillfully rendered, portraying the physical exertion and tension of the athletic contest.

The group's portrayal of the Pankration, known for its popularity and demanding nature in ancient Roman combat sports, reflects the admiration for physical prowess and competitive spirit of the era.

The sculpture is attributed to A. Frilli of Florence and is elevated on a contemporary solid white marble base, complementing the artwork's classical aesthetic while providing a stable and elegant foundation.

Overall, this marble group represents an homage to ancient athletic traditions, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and artistic interpretation, making it a compelling and historically significant piece.

Inscribed: A. Frilli, Florence

Circa 1880

Dimensions (including base):
Height: 72" (183 cm)
Width: 52"  (132 cm)
Depth: 32"  (80 cm)