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Luis Ricardo Falero (Spanish, 1841-1896)


Luis Falero's 'A Moment’s Pause' elegantly portrays a contemplative woman, hands gently clasped behind her face, lost in introspection. The artwork emanates a gentle and inviting ambiance, where a harmonious blend of reds, pinks, and golden-browns creates a captivating and cohesive palette. Her satin dress, adorned with a scarlet belt, complements her auburn hair crowned with a delicate pink headwrap.

The serene beauty of her expression perfectly embodies the essence of the title, capturing a fleeting yet profound 'moment's pause.' The painting is ensconced in a striking baroque-style frame, its ornate molding and deep gold hue enhancing the overall viewing experience.

This remarkable artwork promises to command attention wherever it graces, captivating observers with its tranquil allure and inviting them into a world of serene contemplation and quiet elegance.

Signed upper left: Falero

Height: 36.5"
Width: 23.5"

Height: 29.6"
Width: 16.5"

Artist Biography
Luis Ricardo Falero was born in Granada, Spain in 1841. He originally pursued a career in the Spanish Navy, but gave it up to his parent's bitter disappointment. He then walked to Paris where he studied art, chemistry, and mechanical engineering. After sometime, Falero moved to London where he eventually settled. Falero specialized in female nudes and mythological and fantasy settings.
Falero had a particular interest in astronomy and incorporated celestial constellations into many of his works, such as "The Marriage of a Comet" and "Twin Stars". His interest and knowledge of astronomy also led him to illustrate the works of Camille Flammarion. 
Falero died at university College Hospital, London, at the age of 45.