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A pair of German Berlin KPM porcelain plaques showcasing "Aligira and Tirian" are a testament to artistic brilliance and storytelling.

Marked with the distinguished 'K.P.M' Sceptre Mark alongside the letters 'SZ', these plaques bear the stamp of KPM, renowned for its excellence in porcelain craftsmanship. 

The plaques depict the enchanting tale of "Aligira and Tirian," showcasing scenes that are intricately hand-painted to perfection. Signed by the talented artist H. Stadler, these artworks are not just representations but narratives that come to life through meticulous detailing and skillful brushwork.

These plaques are more than artistic creations; they are windows into a world of myth and legend, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating narrative. With their historical significance, exquisite artistry, and storytelling prowess, these pieces stand as cherished exemplars of fine porcelain art from the renowned KPM.

Signed: H. Stadler

Dimensions (each one):
Plaque:  10.5" x 12 3/4"  (26.6 cm x 32.4 cm)
Framed:  17" x 19"  (43.1 cm x 48.2 cm)

Hans Johann Stadler, born in Germany in 1848, died in Vienna in 1916. Was a pupil of Hiltensperger, studied at the Academy Munchen. Worked for most of his life in Bamberg, Germany. He was a known porcelain painter for Royal Vienna. Listed in Benezit (Dictionaire des Peintres) and Thieme-Becker (Allegemeines Lexikon bildender Kunstler)