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Pair of Gilt-Bronze Fire Place Figural Bronze Andirons depicting Pan and Nymph

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A pair of late 19th century gilt bronze fireplace figural bronze andirons designed by Ernest coxhead.
Depicting Pan & Nymph.
circa 1890

Height 32"  (81 cm)
Depth 26"  (66 cm)
width: 7"  (17.7 cm)

Ernest Albert Coxhead (1863–1933) was an English-born architect, active in the US. He was trained in the offices of several English architects and attended the Royal Academy and the Architectural Association School of Architecture, both in London. He moved to California where he was the semi-official architect for the Episcopal Church.

At the beginning of his career, Ernest Coxhead focused on designing churches, primarily in the Gothic Revival style. After the mid-1890s, Coxhead focused on residential designs. He was involved in the emergence of the Arts and Crafts style in California. He succeeded in designing residences that incorporated the elements and character of the English country house - shingled, Arts & Crafts style English Vernacular Cottages that combined elements from different periods for dramatic effect

Foot Notes

Pan (Greek Mythology), is the god of shepherds and flocks, sexuality, mountain wilds, hunting and Rustic Music as well as the companion of the Nymphs. His name originates within the Greek language, from the word paein, meaning "to pasture." He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. With his homeland in rustic Arcadia he is recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens; because of this, Pan is connected to fertility and the season of spring. The ancient Greeks also considered Pan to be the god of theatrical criticism.