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This exquisite pair of antique mid-size Meissen porcelain figures represents the timeless themes of 'Day' and 'Night' with extraordinary grace and artistry. Crafted in the renowned Meissen porcelain factory, celebrated for its unparalleled craftsmanship, these figures stand as masterpieces of 18th-century European porcelain art.

The figure symbolizing 'Day' is depicted as a radiant young woman, her delicate features illuminated by the soft glow of daylight. She is adorned with flowing robes that billow gently in an unseen breeze, while her hair cascades in loose waves around her shoulders. With an expression of serenity and warmth, she embodies the vitality and energy of the sunlit hours.

In contrast, the figure representing 'Night' exudes an air of mystery and tranquility. Clad in robes adorned with stars and crescent moons, standing with an ethereal grace, her features softened by the gentle glow of moonlight. A sense of quietude pervades her demeanor, evoking the peaceful stillness that descends with the onset of nightfall.

Both figures are meticulously crafted, with every detail rendered with precision and finesse. The intricate hand-painted decorations, from the delicate facial features to the ornate patterns of their garments, showcase the remarkable skill of the Meissen artisans. The figures are mounted on elegant porcelain bases, further enhancing their visual appeal and providing stability.

As a pair, these Meissen porcelain figures of 'Day & Night' not only exemplify the technical prowess of the Meissen factory but also embody deeper allegorical meanings. They serve as reminders of the cyclical nature of time, the interplay of light and darkness, and the eternal dance between life and rest. Displayed together, they create a captivating tableau that invites contemplation and reflection, transcending the boundaries of time and culture.

Germany, Circa 1880

Marked with 19th century Meissen 1st quality under glazed blue swords mark. 

Dimensions Height: 14"