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Louis Gustave Cambier (1874-1949)

Louis Gustave Cambier's "Intérieur D'atelier" (Workshop interior) presents a captivating scene captured on a monumental oil painting on canvas. It showcases an elegantly attired artist engrossed in his studio, delicately touching up a sculpture portraying a nude man standing alongside a tiger. The workshop is richly adorned with various paintings and sculptures, evoking an artistic and creative ambiance. Adding to the scene, a young model graces the setting, seated on a bench behind the artist.

The level of detail in the depiction of the artist's workspace and the various artworks within it immerses viewers in the world of the atelier, offering a glimpse into the creative process and the artist's environment. This vivid portrayal captures the essence of artistic dedication and the vibrant energy of the studio atmosphere.

Moreover, the painting is complemented by an ornately carved giltwood frame, enhancing its grandeur and adding a touch of sophistication to the overall presentation, further emphasizing the significance of this monumental artwork within an art collection or display setting.

Signed: G. Cambier
Dated 1891

Height: 90"
Width: 71"

Height: 70"
Width: 54"

Louis-Gustave Cambier,  was born in Schaerbeek in 1874 and died in Ixelled in 1949, was a Belgian painter. Student of Jean-Francois Portaels at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussles, married toJuliette Cambier. He received an honorable mention at the Salon des Artistes Francais in 1906.