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Marqués de Jadraque’s 'Tres Dalís' presents a compelling original abstract oil on canvas piece that delves into Salvador Dalí's enigmatic persona. This large painting depicts multiple versions of Dalí gazing at one another, each characterized by wide, intense stares yet curiously lacking mouths. These elements infuse the artwork with an air of mystery and intrigue, prompting viewers to contemplate themes of identity and perspective.

Marqués employs a nuanced yet potent use of color, allowing subtle variations between each Dalí figure to explore the complexities of identity and perception. This contemplative piece invites observers to delve into Marqués' artistic mind, encouraging introspection and reflection.

As a contemporary artwork, 'Tres Dalís' adds a layer of fascination to any space, making it particularly appealing to art enthusiasts seeking thought-provoking pieces. Marqués de Jadraque's journey—from Palencia, Spain, to Barcelona, then Los Angeles, and subsequently New York and London—underscores his diverse artistic influences and experiences.

His focus on abstraction, color, movement, and light resonates throughout his oeuvre, making 'Tres Dalís' a testament to Marqués' exploration of these artistic elements within a captivating and intellectually stimulating context.

Signed and titled on verso; signed again lower left.

Height: 47" (119.3 cm)
Width: 50"  (127 cm)