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Contemporary oil on canvas by Miguel Garcia (Marquez de Jadraque)

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Miguel Garcia (Marqués de Jadraque)
'Tres Dalis'
Oil painting on canvas.

Marqués de Jadraque’s ‘Tres Dalís’ is a large, original abstract oil on canvas painting that depicts several versions of the artist Salvador Dalí looking at each other. Their wide, intense stares and lack of mouths imbue a real mystery and mystique within this piece. Marqués’ use of color is slight but potent, with the slight variations between each Dalí exploring the concept of identity and perspective. To observe this piece is to dive into the mind of Marqués, encouraging the viewer to reflect. This contemporary piece will add a layer of intrigue to any room, perfect for any art enthusiast. Marqués de Jadraque - born as Miguel Garcia in 1961 - moved from his hometown of Palencia, Spain to Barcelona at the Free School of the Mediterranean. In 1986 he moved to Los Angeles, California and worked on exhibitions worldwide. He then moved to New York in 2005, and in 2018 opened a new studio in London. He continues to work within various mediums, and likes to focus on abstraction, color, movement and light.

Signed and titled on verso; signed again lower left.

Height: 47" (119.3 cm)
Width: 50"  (127 cm)