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'Young lady with fruit' oil painting by Zatzka

By Hans Zatzka (Austrian, 1859-1945)


This graceful Austrian painting by Hans Zatzka (Austrian 1859-1945) depicts the delicate image of a young lady resting her arms on top of a bowl of fruit. Rich in colors, the fruit appear fresh and their glossy surface invigorates the atmosphere of the painting. A cut-open watermelon and the single piece of melon are on the table. This clearly is an interior portrait but the turquoise drapery that revolves around the young lady gives the impression of water in the background. Even the young lady's dress, which is delicately wrapping her body, conveys an image of water foam, creating a fantastical scene – a faithful sample of Zatzka's skillfulness in the classical academic style.

Signed: H. Zatzka
Dated: 1904


Canvas height: 17.5"   (44 cm)
Canvas width: 25.5"    (65 cm)

Frame height: 22.5"   (57 cm)
Frame width: 30.5"    (77 cm)

Hans Zatzka
(Austrian 1859-1945) was a well-known and regarded Austrian fantasy artist whose most popular and valuable works depicted figures of young maidens with angels, floral and other cheerful and warm scenes, including Orientalist themes. In the past thirty years alone, the high quality and detail of his beautiful paintings has caught the attention of International collectors and art dealers alike, creating a highly sought after market and demand for his instantly recognizable body of work. In the late 19th and early 20th century, many of Zazka's charming works were photographed for commercial and collectible postcards. Though no information about his works being exhibited in museums is currently available, most of Zatzka's paintings are in private collections and, in the past century, very few of them have become available on the open market. At the young age of eighteen Zatzka joined Austria's Academy of Fine Arts under the leadership of Professor Blaas. For his Fine early works, in 1880 he received The Golden Fugermedal award.

Zatzka, like many other artists of the era, traveled around Europe working and selling his art and, in one of his many trips to Italy, he developed a special interest in religious themes, decorating churches with fresco's as well as painting several religious scenes of Madonna's and child, saints, angels and others. In 1885, Zatzka was commissioned to paint "The Naiad of Baden" a ceiling fresco at Kurhaus Baden. Most of Zatzka's income came from his work in religious art and special church commissions.