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The description paints a picture of an exquisite French mantel clock that's a true testament to artistic finesse. Crafted in patinated bronze adorned with original ormolu, this clock takes center stage with its captivating design.

The central feature showcases two classically attired female figures seated back to back, engaged in the act of reading from an ormolu book and scroll. This sculptural element, likely the focal point, brings a sense of intellectual pursuit and sophistication to the clock's overall aesthetic.

Enhancing its elegance, the clock boasts a porcelain dial painted with two winged cherubs, floating amidst a celestial scene and surrounded by Arabic numerals. This combination of cherubic imagery and celestial elements lends a dreamlike quality to the timepiece.

The clock's base, flanked by three rectangular porcelain plaques, adds another layer of artistry. These plaques are adorned with painted scenes depicting cupids in various charming and picturesque positions, likely adding to the clock's allure and narrative.

Altogether, this mantel clock appears to be a harmonious blend of sculptural art, delicate porcelain work, and intricate detailing—a true masterpiece that embodies the sophistication and artistic richness of French craftsmanship.

France, Circa 1870


Height: 16.5"  (41.9 cm)
Width: 34"  (86.3 cm)
Depth: 8"  (20.3 cm)