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19th Oil on canvas by Marcel Johann von Zadorecki

By Johann Von Zadorecki (Austrian / Hungarian)


This exquisite classical portrait of a woman by Marcel Johann Von Zadorecki embodies elegance and feminine gracefulness. The young lady can be seen gazing off into space, as she sits on a balcony. The contrast of the vivid white and red of her robes to the muted colors in the background embellishes her image. Her hair, braided to one side, is adorned by a white veil that matches her modest tunic. The white patterned stripes on the fabric juxtapose with the black lines on her red cloak. A coral beads necklace hangs on her neck and a matching bracelet wraps around her left wrist. Next to her, resting on a table is a golden vase decorated with engravings of slices of citrus fruit. The viewer catches her in the last minutes of the day, as a sunset can be seen in the background. Housed within original wood frame.

Signed and dated: M. J. Zadorecki / Wien 1874

Frame height: 46"  (117 cm)
Frame width: 35"   (89 cm)

Canvas height: 38.5"  (98 cm)
Canvas width: 28.5"   (72 cm)