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Orientalist watercolor painting by Augustus Osborne Lamplough


Augustus Osborne Lamplough, A.R.A., R.W.S (British, 1877-1930)
"An eastern market tent, Nile Valley"
Signed: A. O. Lamplough, 1914

The painting depicts a tent market which is located right along the verdant waters of the Nile. Camels with merchants take up the foreground of the image near a shade canopy tied off to two palm trees. There are buildings near the water, casting a small amount of shade on the busy market due to the hour of the day. The sky is piercingly blue, while the market, the sand, and the camels are all softly creamy in tone. One immediately feels the expansiveness and beauty of the desert while also being attracted to the welcoming bosom of the market with its promise of comfort, water, and shade.


Sight: 19" x 14"  (48 cm x 35 cm)
Frame: 27.5" x 22.5" (70 cm x 57 cm)

Lamplough was born in Manchester and studied at the Chester School of Art. He became a lecturer at Leeds School of Art having travelled and painted scenes in Europe, the Middle East & north Africa. He is perhaps best known for his desert scenes and views of Arab towns and cities. An Excellent watercolor artist he exhibited his work at the Fine Art Society, London, Royal Academy and the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, amongst others.