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Pair of 19th century paintings - shepherd boy and girl


A pair of excellent 19th century European oil paintings on canvas. One depicts portrait of a shepherd boy. He is seen wearing multiple layers of clothing and a pair of yellow trousers. Also part of his attire is a brown hat decorated with a peacock feather and golden beads. Hanging from his shoulder is a leather pouch with a rod attached to it by a rope. And on his right hand, he carries a wooden crook. The boy has his eyes looking upwards, and a goat is by his side. In the background, the orange hues give the impression of an early morning or the end of an afternoon.

The other painting depicts portrait of a young lady caught in the middle of a stormy afternoon. Tears are falling down her cheeks and with her unoccupied hand, she attempts to keep her headscarf from being blown away. Her disheveled clothes mimic the undulating shapes of the mountains in the background. The sky is full of black clouds and a single lightning bolt can be seen in the right upper corner. She carries on her left arm a basket full of fruit.

Each painting housed within an original ornate open work hand carved giltwood frame.

Dimensions (each):
Frame: 25" x 21.5"  (63.5 cm X 54.6 cm)
Canvas: 17.5" x 13.5"  (44.4 cm x 34.2 cm)