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The descriptions offer a vivid portrayal of two distinct 19th-century European oil paintings on canvas, each encapsulating its unique narrative and atmosphere.

The first painting captures a pastoral scene featuring a shepherd boy adorned in intricate attire. He dons layers of clothing, highlighted by yellow trousers and a brown hat ornamented with a peacock feather and golden beads. Carrying a leather pouch with a rod attached and holding a wooden crook, his gaze towards the sky accompanies a goat by his side. The background, painted in orange hues, suggests either an early morning or a late afternoon setting, evoking a serene pastoral atmosphere.

In contrast, the second painting depicts a young lady amidst a stormy afternoon. Tear-streaked cheeks and windswept clothing depict her caught in the midst of the tempest. With one hand protecting her headscarf from the strong gusts, she carries a basket full of fruit on her left arm. The turbulent scene is vividly portrayed by the disheveled clothes mirroring the undulating mountain shapes in the background. Dark clouds fill the sky, and a lone lightning bolt strikes the upper right corner, intensifying the stormy atmosphere.

Both paintings are housed within original ornate open work hand-carved giltwood frames, complementing the artworks with their intricate designs and offering a visually striking presentation for these distinct yet evocative portrayals of pastoral life and dramatic weather conditions.

Dimensions (each):
Frame: 25" x 21.5"  (63.5 cm X 54.6 cm)
Canvas: 17.5" x 13.5"  (44.4 cm x 34.2 cm)