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The description outlines a charming duo of late 18th-century English oil paintings on canvas, each presenting an oval composition featuring a bust-length portrait of a young lady. These portraits likely exude the grace and elegance associated with the late 18th-century English style.

The choice of an oval format for the compositions indicates a sense of sophistication and classicism, often seen in portrait paintings during that period. The use of oil on canvas allows for the depth and richness of colors, which would have been meticulously applied to capture the grace and beauty of the young ladies.

Moreover, these portraits are housed within carved giltwood frames, adding to their aesthetic appeal and reflecting the ornate craftsmanship and style prevalent in the late 18th century. The giltwood frames would have served to enhance the overall presentation, providing an elegant and decorative setting for the portraits.

While the specific details of the young ladies and their identities aren't provided, the pairing of these portraits suggests a sense of symmetry and harmony, potentially making them an exquisite addition to any collection or space, showcasing the refinement and artistry of the late 18th-century English portraiture.

Bears a Poulsen Galleries Pasadena label.

Frame: 27.5" x 23"
Canvas: 20" x 15"