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Pair of large antique Italian carved alabaster figural lamps depicting Venus & Cupid

Price upon request

A beautiful pair of antique Italian hand carved alabaster lamps / torcheres depicting Venus and a cupid. One is a classic allegory to Titian's painting "Venus with a Mirror". Much like the painting, a cupid holds a mirror towards Venus. But here, Venus looks at herself while being half nude and is seen carefully fixing her hair. The carved scene is one that showcases playfulness and beauty.
The second lamp portrays Venus' other facet. In here, she looks at the cupid while bashfully covering her body. She is now fully nude and a vine of leaves can be seen going across her body. The cupid looks at her playfully and can be seen with the intention of climbing towards her. This lamp shows more resemblance to Botticelli's Birth of Venus, where Venus' gestures are a reflection of feelings of shamefulness.

Early 20th century.

Each lamp is raised on black marble pedestal.

Height of lamps: 49" and 48"
Height of pedestals: 35.5"

Note: The lamps can be sold without the pedestals.