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A sizable and unusual subject for a pietre-dure plaque created by the skilled hands of Mario Montelatici. This exquisite piece showcases the mastery of the Italian artist in the intricate art of pietre-dure, a technique that involves the inlay of meticulously cut and polished stones to create intricate images and designs.

The plaque, notable for its generous dimensions, features a harmonious blend of various semi-precious stones, meticulously arranged to form a captivating tableau. Montelatici's artistry is evident in the precision of the stone inlay, with each piece contributing to the overall composition. The color palette is rich and diverse, reflecting the natural hues of the stones used, creating a visually striking and vibrant mosaic.

The subject matter, carefully chosen and expertly rendered, adds depth and narrative to the plaque. Montelatici's attention to detail extends beyond the stone inlay, encompassing the overall design and composition. The craftsmanship is of the highest order, showcasing the artist's dedication to the pietre-dure tradition.

This large pietre-dure plaque by Mario Montelatici stands not only as a testament to the artist's skill but also as a testament to the enduring allure of this intricate and timeless art form. It is a piece that invites admiration for its craftsmanship and appreciation for the meticulous artistry that defines Montelatici's work.

Dimensions of Plaque: Height 15 3/4" Width: 10"
Framed: Height: 19.5" Width: 14"