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Paul Emile Pissarro (1884-1972)


Paul Emile Pissarro (1884-1972
"La Mate Aux Saules" 
Oil on canvas.

Canvas: 45.5" x 35"
Frame: 51" x 59"

"La Mate Aux Saules" is an extraordinary impressionist painting by Paul Emile Pissarro, widely known for his contributions to the art movement. This stunning artwork, unquestionably one of the largest he ever created, offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the serene view from his parents' house.

Set in the year 1932, "La Mate Aux Saules" showcases a picturesque scene of a tranquil pond adorned with lush trees. The painting features a perfectly captured moment, with a man and a woman leisurely cruising in a boat, adding a sense of peacefulness and harmony to the overall composition.

As a master of Impressionism, Pissarro skillfully employs techniques such as a vibrant color palette and loose brushstrokes to emphasize the play of light and shadow in the scene. His keen attention to detail invites viewers to immerse themselves in the idyllic ambiance depicted on the canvas.

Born into an artistic family, Paul Emile Pissarro is the youngest son of the esteemed French Impressionist artist Camille Pissarro. Growing up surrounded by art, it was natural for Paul Emile to develop a passion for painting. Despite his father passing away when he was merely fourteen years old, Paul Emile followed in his footsteps and pursued a career in art.

Throughout his lifetime, Pissarro's artistic style evolved, displaying influences not only from his father but also from other great Impressionist painters. His works often showcased rural landscapes, capturing the essence of the French countryside. Pissarro's unique approach to capturing light and his ability to portray the fleeting nature of moments made him a respected and successful artist.

"La Mate Aux Saules" stands as a testament to Pissarro's talent and his ability to convey the beauty of nature through the lens of the impressionist movement. This large-scale painting undoubtedly holds a significant place within his oeuvre and offers viewers a captivating window into the artist's vision.